First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Concurrent Paper Presentations - Session 3
Session 3A
Experiences in Technology Integration
Matulac, Melvin R.

The Pollution Trail Project: A Telecollaborative Project
Vinuya, Manuel Jaime U.

Session 3B
Modern Age Technology: The Experience of Esteban Abada Elementary School
Gammuac, Emerita

The Impact of Learning From and Learning With Educational Television in Schools
Omero, Metz T.

Session 3C
The Online Treasure Hunt as a Strategy for Teaching Mathematics
Apalisok, Vidala

Is There Math in Energy?: A Technology-Enhanced Teaching Unit
Daguisonan, Sherlita L.

Session 3D
Interpretative Reporting: A Project Profile
Samadan, Eden F.

Creative eWriting for Basic Education: A Project Profile
Villamin, Cymbeline

Session 3E
An Analysis of the ITTF Model as a Framework for ICT Integration in Basic Education
Gentiles, Miles

The eLearning Club as a Support Strategy in Technology Integration
Formilleza, Liezl S.