First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Concurrent Paper Presentations - Session 1
Session 1A
ICT and Cooperative Learning: Reinventing the Classroom
Manlunas, Renante P.

Designing and Implementing Hypermedia Courseware Towards a Successful Learning Environment
Sangalang, Dennis Ramiro M.

Session 1B
The Design of Technology-Supported Learner-Centered Learning Environments: The La Salle Greenhills Grade School Experience
Rapatan, Miguel

Strategies for Teaching An ICT-Enhanced BEC Science Curriculum for the Development of Multiple Intelligences
Pontiveros, Fabian C. Jr.

Session 1C
Technology in The Academe: Teacher Attitudes and Strategies in Managing Computer Resistance
Estuar, Ma. Regina E.; Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.; Grozman, Elizabeth Patricia M.; and Ticzon, Arlene D.

Providing Incentives for ICT-Enhanced Teaching
Silvosa-Botero, Leonevee V.

Session 1D
Socio-Cultural Issues in Technology Integration of Genyo in Basic Education
Fernando, William S.

The Connected Learning Community
Legaspi, Jose Marie B.

The Impact of the Intel Teach to The Future Pre-Service Program on Selected BEED Students' Learning
Orencia, Melissa Alma R.

Session 1E
Taking the First Step: Building Teachers of Tomorrow, TODAY!
Aguilar, Adolf

Using ITTF-Inspired Instructional Materials in Teaching High School Mathematics
Cullo, Danilo Aragon