First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Strategies for Teaching An ICT-Enhanced BEC Science Curriculum for the Development of Multiple Intelligences
by Fabian C. Pontiveros, Jr.
Philippine Normal University-Agusan

An action-research was conducted to develop a guide for teaching an ICT-enhanced first year high school science curriculum. The study focused on the choice of available and appropriate technology for teaching Integrated Science that promotes other forms of intelligences among students.

Eight of the 14 graduate students who enrolled in Science 505 (Educational Technology) at the Philippine Normal University-Agusan Campus participated in the study. The eight research-participants are all high school science teachers who are presently teaching in the big schools of Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte, and Butuan City.

The research-participants first made an inventory of the available technology, including Internet connectivity, and implemented the Multiple Intelligences Inventory to their respective classes. Together with their Science 505 professor, they then drafted a curriculum guide for teaching high school Science 1 (Integrated Science). The learning competencies included in the proposed guide are those indicated by the revised BEC curriculum. The factors considered in planning the curriculum guide are the Multiple Intelligence profile of the students and the technology profile of the participating schools.

The research-participants then implemented the guide in their respective Science 1 classes from Mondays to Fridays. Problems regarding technology integration, students' reactions, and others were noted. The research group met once a month (every fourth Saturday) at PNU-Agusan Campus and discussed their experiences in the implementation. Together with their professor, they exchanged suggestions for improving their curriculum guide, and eventually revised the original guide based on their experiences.

Each participant came up with a unique curriculum guide for her/his Science 1 class. The guides cover lessons for all four grading periods. Presented in matrix form, the guides include a column for the desired learning competencies and a column for suggested technology tools and activities.