First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Socio-cultural Issues in Technology Integration of Genyo in Basic Education
by William S. Fernando
Bato Balani Foundation Inc.

Genyo is a locally adapted interactive and multimedia courseware that may be customized by basic education teachers to fit the curriculum or their teaching style and pace.

This case study tracks the five-year development and implementation of this computer-based classroom instruction approach in four private high schools and one public high school, baselining technology infrastructure, school facilities and teacher competence.

It further monitors and records attitudinal and behavioral readiness and reactions to the introduction of technology in what has been the traditional teacher-student framework, and identifies specific attitudes and behaviors and needs of teachers that need to be addressed to resolve concerns and, consequently, impediments to successful technology integration in the classroom.

The study examines the Genyo package, consisting of a software suite (courseware and authorware), training (teacher training) and implementation (IT audit, diagnostics, deployment and after-sales service/maintenance). It also presents the Genyo course design and applications architecture in the context of other competitive offerings in the market, particularly its subscription model, and how it fares in a third world environment where the high acquisition cost for intellectual property is an issue.

Finally, the study examines Genyo's approach to technology integration in light of the manifold socio-cultural issues that became evident during its implementation, and arrives at several conclusions and recommendations that may be of value to schools contemplating acquisition or adoption of a particular variety of computer-based learning technology.