First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Maranao Craft and Mathematics: An Intel Teach Portfolio
by Amelia T. Buan
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City

Integration of technology has become more important in teaching and learning mathematics. The Intel Teach to the Future Training program helps teachers to improve teaching through the use of technology in the classroom to promote a more student-centered environment.

In this Intel Teach to the Future Unit Plan, the following essential and unit questions were posed: Is there math in crafts? and How does mathematics relate to craft?

With the use of graphic calculators, the students made generalizations on the effects of the graph and applied translation concepts in graphing functions such as linear, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic. Students worked collaboratively in groups of five. Each group undertook research on famous Muslim mathematicians and their contributions to mathematics. Each group was also asked to choose a Maranao craft and discuss the mathematical concepts used in its design. The students also developed a variation of the design of the Maranao craft they had chosen. Students presented their research work through a multimedia presentation. They also wrote journals on their learning experiences in relating mathematics to the real world. The journals and multimedia presentations were evaluated using rubrics.

With the use of technology in the math classroom, my students were more engaged and active in the learning process. They produced very creative work and enjoyed working collaboratively. Equally important, my students realized that there is mathematics in Maranao craft and that geometric transformation was used in Maranao craft. This approach connects mathematics to Maranao culture and history to improve students' appreciation of the local craft in Lanao del Norte, specifically Maranao craft.


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