First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Providing Incentives for ICT-Enhanced Teaching
by Leonevee V. Silvosa-Botero
Rizal National High School, CARAGA Administrative Region
Division of Surigao City

To encourage participation in the Intel Teach to the Future Program, the Division of Surigao City launched a yearly search for the Most Effective Teacher in ICT Application, the Most Effective School-based Trainer among recipient schools, and the Best Intel Teach Portfolio. This activity aims to recognize the efforts of the teachers and make them a source of inspiration to other teachers. Most of all, the project aims to come up with excellent outputs from teachers that will benefit students. It will also create a network among ICT-involved persons in the Division in order for them to come up with effective monitoring and evaluation.

Rubrics for assessing and evaluating ICT-supported learning activities were jointly formulated by the people behind the program and disseminated to the teachers for their information and guidance.

The continuing search has brought about an observable increase in teacher and student participation and increased popularity and acceptance of the program in the school and the classrooms. With the concerted efforts of stakeholders and more innovative strategies, the implementation of the Intel Teach to the Future Program will surely make a difference in the teaching-learning process inside the classrooms.