First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Taking the First Step: Building Teachers of Tomorrow, TODAY!
The Foundation University College of Education E-Learning Program
by Adolf P. Aguilar
Negros Oriental High School and Foundation University College of Education

The world presents itself to us in wonderful complexity, in whole systems of interrelated ideas and forces. Schools, on the other hand, often look at the world through only one window at a time, neatly segmenting it into subject matter compartments. Too often also, in the rush to "cover" the material, students are left with a superficial understanding of the subject matter, and are unable to explain how it all hangs together.

Can technology, when well applied, help solve this problem? It can, and we'll show you how. This course teaches would-be teachers how to develop learning experiences that make use of the Web. The course is required for junior and senior Education students in the College of Education of Foundation University in Dumaguete City. It is a specially designed course that aims to integrate ICTs into the curriculum. The students learn methodologies of teaching with ICTs and learning models using the Internet as a tool for learning. In addition, students are given the opportunity to design online instructional materials and educational Web pages.

In short, the paper showcases the experience of the Foundation University College of Education in pre-service training in integrating ICTs in the curriculum. Call it a visionary thing. But our goal is clear: To help our students become TEACHERS of Tomorrow, TODAY!


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