First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Technologies for Teaching Social Studies in High School
by Clarissa V. Militante
Student Agenda

Technologies are simply tools that can enhance pedagogy and enrich curriculum content. As educators, we are the ones who will determine the importance and meaning of technologies; we define the context in which a particular technology, like map-making or use of mass media, may be effective or can be made more responsive to our requirements. And we have a partner in deciding what meaning to make out of these technologies in relation to the subject matter-the learners or students.

Desire is the starting point of learning. This is what the great and wise educators have told us. However, desire is also what most learners do not have, especially with respect to studying Social Studies. Most students find the subject boring, as they associate it with a lot of memorization of dates and names of persons, places, and historic events.

What should we teach in Social Studies? In this session we present several perspectives by various social scientists that will help educators answer this question. On the basis of these perspectives, we propose a number of innovations in the teaching of Social Studies in Philippine schools. Technologies that can be used to enrich the Social Studies classrooms, such as maps, newspapers and other print materials, and film and other audio-visual resources, are discussed.