First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

The Use of Graphing Calculators in Teaching Mathematics and Science
by Sonia E. Javier
Juan Sumulong High School, Quezon City

Graphing calculators were introduced in the mid-80's. Through the years they became more sophisticated with the addition of new features. There are numerous advantages that can be gained from the use of graphing calculators. But educators also face several challenges, namely, the appropriate time to use it, the course content, and the test designs.

This session will demonstrate some features of graphing calculators, and how they can be used to interpret solutions to problems in mathematics and science through graphs, verify trigonometric identities through graphs, and provide an activity where the questions appeal to the higher order thinking skills of learners.

Twenty-four schools participated in the First Casio Graphing Calculator Competition, which tested students' skills in the use of this technology. Written computations were not allowed. Students who were trained for one month were able to analyze problems and find the solutions using only the resources of the calculator.