First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

Radio As an Alternative Mode of Delivering Instruction
by Ester Bautista
UP National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development

The primary goal of the project, Titser's Iskul on the Air, is to deliver science and mathematics instruction at the basic levels. The project also aims to promote science and mathematics interest and literacy among the citizenry.

As a distance education course, Titser's Iskul has two components-radio and training. The radio component consists of: (a) the development and airing of 16 radio scripts in drama format to introduce each lesson; (b) discussion of the concept/s in the lesson; and (c) a high-level question per lesson that enrollees have to answer and submit during the face-to-face training session.

The training component consists of: (a) the development of the Trainer's Manual for the facilitators and enrollees; (b) a face-to-face training session that includes a review of the lessons aired over the radio, learning stations for hands-on activities, and discussion of the major concepts; and (c) assessment at the end of the training session.

This session will include an audiotaped presentation of a lesson aired over the radio, a discussion of the question aired over the radio, the activity card and instructional material used for that particular lesson, and an assessment question given after the training session. A copy of the Trainer's Manual will be made available for examination.

Considering the medium being used and the number of training days, a more reliable assessment and evaluation method needs to be studied. In addition, a follow-up of how enrollees apply the strategies learned in their own classrooms could be pursued to evaluate the effectiveness of this innovative mode of delivering instruction.