First National Congress
6-7 December 2004, Cebu City, Philippines

The Intel Teach Unit Portfolio: Modeling Student-Centered ICT Integration
by Celia R. Balbin and Monalisa M. Te-Sasing
Information Science Education Group, UP NISMED

In the Philippines where ICT integration in the curriculum is only beginning to permeate the public schools, the need for a model that can guide teachers cannot be overstated. The Intel Teach to the Future program is one such model. It focuses on how students and teachers can use ICT to maximize learning through research, communication, and productivity strategies and tools. It illustrates student-centered approaches such as the inquiry approach, project-based learning, authentic assessment, and interdisciplinary units. It also demonstrates concrete ways for teachers to carry out their role as facilitators of learning.

A key feature of the Intel Teach to the Future program is the teacher-developed Unit Portfolio. It is composed of a Unit Plan, samples of student outputs (presentations, spreadsheets, publications, web sites), several teacher-created support materials (documents, presentations, publications, web sites), and a unit implementation plan. In a nutshell, the Unit Portfolio is a collection of strategies and materials one expects to find in an actual ICT-enhanced unit of instruction or learning in an elementary or secondary school class.

Using unit portfolios in science and mathematics, this session will highlight student samples, assessment rubrics, and student support materials as evidence of a student-centered approach to ICT integration. Participants will also have the opportunity to view similar exemplars developed at the University of the Philippines - National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development.