GERRY WHITE is currently Chief Executive Officer of limited (, which is a company limited by guarantee and owned by the Australian education and training Ministers. The company provides leadership and innovation in technology-enabled services in education, training, and careers, and develops national and international strategic alliances for mutual benefit.

Mr. White has had the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of information technology and telecommunications in education and training nationally and internationally. As Chief Executive Officer of the national information and communication technology (ICT) agency in Australian education and training, Mr. White provides leadership and direction in the development, enhancement, standards application, and use of online distributed and managed national education network services, as well as emerging technologies that could advantage education and training. His current work involves oversight of a number of major national education and business projects, monitoring and providing advice on new technologies and practices, and the formation of national and international alliances.

Mr. White has been a member of the Australian ICT in Education Committee (AICTEC) and other national groups advising on ICT in schools and vocational education and training for nine years.

Mr. White has been a teacher, Mathematics Consultant, Deputy Principal, Curriculum Management Consultant, and School Principal with the South Australian Education Department, then Deputy Director and Acting Director of Catholic Education and National Coordinator of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Education for Catholic education across Australia.

Mr. White has worked in education for nearly 40 years, specializing in curriculum and technology in education. His Masterís graduate thesis examined the integration of computers with curriculum in schools.