As Secretary of the Department of Education, JESLI A. LAPUS heads not only the biggest Department, accounting for about 30% of the entire Philippine bureaucracy, but he also assumes the responsibility of addressing what is widely considered the existing Education crisis in the country.

Secretary Lapus is the epitome of excellence in versatility. Prior to serving for three terms as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives (1998- 2007), he was precocious as a top professional manager in the private (Manufacturing, Financial services and International Trade) and in the public sector (Developmental Work and Rural Finance). Acknowledged for his competence and advocacy, he moved from a lucrative life in the private sector to serve with distinction in the cabinets of three Presidents (Aquino, Ramos, and Arroyo).

A CPA, MBA, and DPA, Secretary Lapus was original core faculty of the Asian Institute of Management’s Masters in Development Management Program. He has taught for many years at the Ateneo de Manila University and Maryknoll College, and has conducted Executive Training Courses in Indonesia and Malaysia.

While in Congress in 2002, Secretary Lapus exposed and subsequently streamlined the infamous multi-billion peso automatic payroll deductions scheme at the Department of Education which had adversely affected the net take home pay of some 300,000 public school teachers. This decades-long practice is considered a major cause of low teachers’ morale and consequently, impacted directly on the quality of education in the Philippines. For this achievement, Lapus was called a “Champion of Public School Teachers” by teachers associations.